Kate's Homemade Butter ~ Fresh Pure Butter from Maine in flavor-sealed ButterCups

The same fresh flavor you've enjoyed in Kate's Homemade stick butter is
now available in a convenient 8 oz. tub - we call it our ButterCup!

As you may know, we wrap all of our stick butter in protective foil to preserve the fresh natural
flavor of Kate's Butter after it comes out of the churn. Our new ButterCup does the same...
and in a convenient attractive container you can take from refrigerator to tabletop.

Our new ButterCup is resealable, reusable and recyclable. It is also portable! You can take Kate's Butter
camping, hiking or almost anywhere without worrying about a messy meltdown. Our state-of-the-art
ButterCup will keep your butter fresh and clean even if you immerse it in a stream by your campsite.
And the label won't tear, wear or discolor because it is molded right into the plastic, so our ButterCup
will look as good sitting on your table as it did when you purchased it at the store.

You already love the creamy, delicious taste of Kate's Homemade Butter.
Now you can enjoy it in the convenient "grab and go" portability of our new 8 oz. ButterCup.

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