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Red's Eats in Wiscaset, Maine

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Kate's Earns Top Honors - Again!
- at the World Dairy Expo Championship

Kate's has earned its third First Place prize from the annual World Dairy Expo Championship.Our whole team is thrilled to announce Kate's has earned its second "First Place" prize from the annual World Dairy Expo Championship, held in Wisconsin. At the 2008 championship event held in late September, Kate's was presented with top honors in the "unsalted butter" category, having earned a rare score of 98.8 out of a possible 100 points. The First Place prize for our unsalted butter comes just two years after Kate's earned the First Place slot for our sea salt butter version at the 2006 Expo.

Kate's unsalted butter competed this year with butter makers from across the country. Over 60,000 attendees from around the globe attended the 2008 Expo. The competition is watched with a keen eye each year by producers, consumers and press, and is considered in culinary circles to be the dairy industry's "Academy Awards."

Samplers at this year's Expo Championship raved about the quality, texture and flavor of Kate's unsalted butter, including Dr. Robert Bradley, Professor Emeritus in the Department of Food Science at the University of Wisconsin - widely considered a dairy industry authority by companies and producers nationwide: "I know the quality of the Kate's product, and the Kate's team really tends to detail. That detail is extremely important to them in terms of producing such a first-rate finished product."

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Raves for Kate's...

Cranberry Island Kitchen Sweet talk from Cranberry Island Kitchen
Our friends at Cranberry Island Kitchen make the most delicious homemade desserts, cookies & whoopie pies. And they use only Kate’s in their goodies, saying: “All of our products are Maine made, handmade, and made the old fashioned way, with real, wholesome ingredients. We use only Kate's Homemade Butter, a local family owned producer in Old Orchard Beach. Dan the owner is as fanatical about his butter as we are about our cakes and cookies, and we love that!”


Maine Dept. of AgricultureCongrats from the State of Maine Dept. of Agriculture
In a letter congratulating us on our #1 Salted Butter Award at the 2006 World Dairy Expo, Seth Bradstreet III, Maine’s Commissioner of the Department of Agriculture, Food and Rural Resources, wrote: “…For many years you have been producing a high quality agricultural product in Old Orchard Beach and this award is a great honor and a tremendous achievement! It’s amazing to think that the best butter in the country comes from Maine. We have always recognized the outstanding quality of your butter and it’s nice that you have now received national recognition…Kate’s has been an integral part of Maine’s dairy industry and has contributed significantly to Maine’s agricultural economy over the many years that you have been in business. We wish you continued success in the future…”


Port City LifeArticle from Port City Life
In its April 2007 issue celebrating “Maine Food Considered,” Port City Life calls Kate’s “A Better Butter,” proclaiming:
“You’d be hard pressed to find someone more passionate about butter than Dan Patry, the founder and president of Kate’s Homemade Butter in Old OrchardBeach.”


Phantom GourmetThe Phantom Gourmet, Boston’s anonymous restaurant and food critic highly regarded throughout New England, recently bestowed his “Top of the Food Chain” award on Kate’s Homemade Butter!
In a recent taste-test of four popular butters, Kate’s came out on top, with The Phantom raving: “…the butter speaks for itself, made with sea salt and churned in small batches. It’s light and rich, bursting with sweet cream flavor. And perfect for slathering all over a muffin. That’s why Kate’s is at the Top of the Food Chain.”
The Phantom serves up honest reviews of food and restaurants, and shares them with thousands of fans regularly on WBZ radio, UPN38 TV, CBS News and The Boston Herald. To read the Phantom’s full butter review, click here.


Article from Portland Press Herald / Maine Sunday Telegram
Staff Writer Meredith Goad says: “I came to Kate's because I was curious about the product, which I have seen on Maine grocery shelves for years. Who hasn't glimpsed the smiling girl in the kerchief and overalls pictured on the package, and wondered, "Who's Kate?"  I came away with a lesson in butter-making and an appreciation for the passion that Patry brings to his work.”  Click for Full Story.


Article from the New York Sun
The New York Sun's Paul Lukas says Kate's is “the cream of the crop.” In his December 7, 2005 article, he raves: “If you want something a cut above, a few brands stand out from the crowd... Kate's Homemade Butter, made in small batches in Maine, has a bit more character than the supermarket brands. And the salted variety is less aggressively salty than most of its counterparts, so the saltiness complements the buttery flavor instead of masking or overwhelming it.”


Article from Food & Wine
In naming her favorite brands, Marcia Kiesel of Food & Wine’s Test Kitchen picks Kate’s Homemade Butter. She says: “Produced in southern Maine's Old Orchard Beach, this all-natural butter with a nice hint of sweetness and salt has the creaminess and body of the best examples from France, England and Denmark.”


The critics agree at Down East
Down East magazine named Kate’s Homemade Butter to its list of “150 Reasons to Give Thanks We Live in Maine” in its November 2005 issue (along with Maine fiddleheads in May, steamed clams in June, and baby red potatoes in July…all enjoyed with our butter!)


Sweet Cream Blog at The Perfect Pantry
"...Yes, the box is beautiful, and that's probably why Kate's Homemade Butter caught my eye in the local supermarket a few years ago, but I promise you that it's the taste that keeps me buying this particular item for my pantry...." To read the full blog at The Perfect Pantry, click here.



We receive the nicest letters from our customers.
Here is just a sampling:

To the Butter Angel... Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. What a delicious butter. Please don't change anything, flavor or price.

- A grateful Grandmom

Let's get to the point... we love you! We drink soy milk and usually 'steer' away from cow products, but your butter has no bovine growth hormones, so we eat it up! Instead of wine or flowers, I now take the four-pack of Kate's Butter to dinner parties for the host or hostess... From toast to cookies to goat cheese smashed potatoes, we can't get enough of you. Thank you!

- K.D.

I recently purchased your butter from the Whole Foods in Princeton, N.J. and I just had to write to tell you that it is the BEST butter I have ever tasted! After living in New York City for the last 10 years, I have been fortunate to dine in some lovely restaurants that serve the highest-quality butter, but yours is better. Thanks!

- R.M.

I'm pleased with my recent purchase of your salted butter and thought I'd write with some comments... I like your butter's consistency and mellow, sweet flavor. The foil wrapping reminds me of a time when American companies used quality packaging. I'm also glad you don't use artificial growth hormones.


We have been enjoying Kate's Butter for over eight years. Just wanted to let you know we buy no other, and always receive compliments on the flavor of your product when guests are over. Keep up the wonderful tradition and flavor.

- K.D.

Several years ago I purchased my first Kate's Butter at my local Whole Foods Market. I was instantly transported to my childhood and the butter at my grandmother's. I am now 78 years old and my grandchildren love Kate's Butter and refuse to eat any other. They are all under 11 and know the difference in taste immediately. I want to thank you for bringing such a wonderful product on the market and giving small children a chance to know the difference and same pleasant memories. Keep churning!

- C.F.

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