From Our Family to Yours

Kate's Homemade Butter is made fresh daily by the Patry family in beautiful Old Orchard Beach, Maine. Our proud dairy heritage dates back four generations, to the early 1900s in Minot, Maine.

Our grandfather, Alphonse Hemond, produced milk, cream and butter on his dairy farm and passed the tradition on to his son, Roland. Kate's founder and president, Daniel Patry, learned to make butter with his Uncle Roland at the age of 13.


Daniel spent many hours with Roland, patiently learning about taste and texture, patience and preparation. Using old wooden churns, he learned firsthand how the slow-churn process is essential to producing a creamy, delicious butter. He also learned that butter should be made with only the freshest cream, and nothing else. Patient, careful attention to the butter-making process, together with a commitment to using all-natural ingredients, remain the foundation of the Patry family philosophy today.

Daniel produced his delicious sweet cream butter for family and friends for many years. He finally decided to introduce it to the market in 1981.

The slow-churn process, one batch at a time, is still used today at our modern facility in Old Orchard Beach, Maine. We want to give people the same natural, flavorful butter that we enjoyed in the 'old days,' when it was made fresh daily on the farm…the way it should be.

The Patry family is proud that the tradition of quality, freshness and flavor continues at Kate's Homemade Butter. In 2005 Dan's son Lucas joined the company.

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